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1) I understand that I am expected to submit to the leadership of SFBC. 2) I understand that I am expected to be a team player. 3) I understand that I am expected to participate in all rehearsals, prayer times and worship services. 4) I understand that I am required to be on time to every rehearsal and service with the knowledge that on time means ready to start, not arriving or still setting up. 5) I understand that members of this ministry need to dress modestly. 6) I understand that any area of weakness in my life (spiritually, emotionally, morally, sexually, financially, etc.) that negatively affects the body of Christ and/or is a hindrance to the Worship ministry will be dealt with and handled individually and confidentially and could determine your participation in this area of ministry. 7) I understand that the worship team is a family and we walk in faithful, trusting, and honest community with one another. 8) I understand being a part of the worship team means I am in leadership at SFBC, which entails a higher standard and level of accountability. 9) If removed from the worship team I will do so peaceably, understanding that this does not give me an excuse to move churches. 10) I commit to making my primary purpose in life knowing God and enjoying him above all things.

*After you submit your application, the Worship Pastor will contact you for an audition.