2019 LaRue County Church Volleyball

- Registration Form -

Please submit your application (online) & $30 player fee by 12/29/18.

Please make checks out to South Fork Baptist Church with "Volleyball" in the memo line.

Name *
Age (*Must be 16+ on/by 12/29/18)
Age (*Must be 16+ on/by 12/29/18)
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In consideration of the undersigned’s application for participation in the church volleyball league sponsored by several South Fork and as an inducement to organizing the league permitting the undersigned’s participation agrees as follows: The undersigned hereby fully and forever releases and waives and agrees not to cause to be brought any and all claims, demands, actions, or causes of action of every possible injury, or property damage, whether or not absolute, now or unknown, or otherwise against the church(s) or any of its staff or volunteers arising out of or relating to the undersigned’s participation in the church league. The undersigned hereby grants full permission to use any photographs and videos of the volleyball league and to do so without compensation to the undersigned. The undersigned certifies that the information proved in the undersigned’s application for participation in the Volleyball League is true and that the undersigned has read and understands this Agreement. IN WITNESS WHEREOF, the undersigned hereby executes this Agreement on the date set forth below.