09.07.17 Harvey Help.png

UPDATE | 09.12.17

If you would like to help, here’s what we still need:

- Garbage Bags (Contractor Grade)

- OdoBan

- Bleach

- Fiberlock Shockwave

- Paper Towels

- Cleaning Supplies

- Push Brooms

- Water Bottles

- Sweet personalized small gifts that we can give to affected residents (non-meltable candy, cards, kid’s drawings, “I’m pray for you” type gifts).


What is this?

South Fork Baptist Church, of Hodgenville, KY (southforkbaptistchurch.com) is sending a mission team to Houston, TX (Sept 17th-23rd) to help share & show the love of Jesus to some of the many who have been devastated & hurt by Hurricane Harvey.


Want to Help Us?  

Here are some ways how!


Here are things we’d like to collect to use and leave in Texas…

Garbage Bags (large) - OdoBan

Bleach - Fiberlock ShockWave

Paper Towels - Cleaning Supplies

Rubber Gloves (Nitrile)

Leather Work Gloves - Dust Masks

Box Cutters (10) & Blades (lots)

Cleaning Rags - Buckets

 Push Brooms (x6) - Sprayers (x4)

Box Fans - Power Cords

Empty 5 gallon fuel jugs - Two-Cycle Oil

Flat-Nosed Shovels (x6) - Pry Bars (x2)

Sledgehammers (x2) 

Water Bottles - Floor Squeegee

Safety Glasses (x12) - Hand Sanitizer

Sheet Plastic - A few first aid kits (band aids, alcohol wipes, hydrogen peroxide, antibiotic) 


Sweet, Personalized Small Gifts that we can give to affected residents

(non-meltable candy, cards, kid’s drawings, ‘I’m praying for you’ type gifts)


Here are some things we’d like to borrow & return…

(please label clearly & permanently…

and double check with us before dropping it off)

1 Gas-Powered Pressure Washer

1 Electric-Powered Pressure Washer

2 small generators

2 wheel barrows

2 well-working chain saws

2 small water pumps

Cordless Drills


Want to sponsor us?

Here are a few of our costs

Food while Traveling = $500

Food while in Texas = $900

Gas (2,000 miles!) = $700

T-Shirts = $240

Housing = FREE :)


Please don’t bring…

Food, Clothing, Toys, anything not listed


Please contact Jonathan Carl by text/call at 270-307-7172 to arrange drop-off before Saturday, September 16th.